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Monitor, Track, Optimise, and automate your production like never before.

All the features that you will ever need.

We cater to commercial greenhouses and vertical indoor farms of any size and scale.
Every package supports all the features for all our customers.
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Every bio-phsyical factor that matters
EC/ Bulk EC
Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
Light (spectrum, DLI, PAR, PPFD)

AI and Plant Biology

Cutting-edge algorithms integrated in your subscription
Plant Growth
Stomatal Activity
Photosynthetic Activity
Plant Health
Trends and Predictions
Plant Recipes

Basic plan

Ideal for small teams and startups.
Billed monthly.
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Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 10 individual users
20GB individual data each user
Basic chat and email support

Business plan

Growing teams up to 20 users.
Billed monthly.
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200+ integrations
Advanced reporting and analytics
Up to 20 individual users
40GB individual data each user
Priority chat and email support

Enterprise plan

Large teams with unlimited users.
Billed monthly.
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Advanced custom fields
Audit log and data history
Unlimited individual users
Unlimited individual data
Personalised+priotity service

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about hexaBM
We have our own sensors, can hexafarms connect to those instead?
Yes, we can connect to any sensor provider that transfers information through loraWAN or any climate computer. If you are unsure about your specific sensors you can ask us at info@hexafarms.com.

What is your current lead time?
Between 1 to 4 weeks depending on your geography and our backlog.
What does a single benchmark cover?
A single benchmark tracks a single batch of production from seedling to harvest. Say you do seedling every week, and there are three stages until the batch is harvested, then one benchmark will track the plants across the seedling to harvesting stage for a given batch.

We already have our suite of tools and software, can we integrate some of the hexaBM features?
Yes, almost all our AI based feature are also available through REST API.

Check out our collection of APIs that you can use in your own applications.
What is your pricing model?
Standard monthly SaaS subscription per benchmark instance.

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